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Baxi eco 4s

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13 февраля 2020


Ecoforest Geotérmia (hereinafter ECOFOREST) guarantees this product for two (2) years from the date of
purchase against defects in manufacture and materials. Additionally, the warranty of the compressor and the
inverter is extended by up to 4 (four) years from the date of purchase.
Responsibility by ECOFOREST is limited to the supply of equipment, which must be properly installed,
following the instructions contained in the publications delivered when acquiring the product and in
accordance with the laws in force.
Installation of the equipment must be performed by authorised personnel, who will assume full responsibility
for the final installation and subsequently the proper functioning of the product. There shall be no liability on
the part of ECOFOREST in the event that these precautions are not taken. Installations in public places are
subject to the specific regulations for each zone.
It is essential to carry out a test run of the equipment before installation can be considered finished.
ECOFOREST ensures that all its products are manufactured with high quality materials and manufacturing
techniques that guarantee optimum efficiency.
If during normal use of the equipment damaged or defective parts are detected, the replacement of these
parts shall be provided free of charge by the distributor who completed the sale or the reseller for the
relevant area.
For products sold abroad such replacements will also be carried out free of charge at our establishment,
except where there are special agreements with the distributor of our products abroad.
In order for this warranty to be considered valid the following conditions must be verified.

The purchaser must return the warranty sheet and a copy of the purchase invoice or receipt
within 30 (thirty) days from the date of purchase. The seller must guarantee the date of purchase
and be in possession of a valid tax document.

Installation and commissioning of the unit must be performed by an authorised technician who is
deems the technical characteristics of the installation to which the equipment is connected to be
suitable. Such installation shall comply with the instructions in the installation and operating
manual that is supplied with the product.

The equipment must be used as indicated in the installation and operating manual that is
supplied with the product.

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